• Find Your Peace with Positive Thinking

The power of positive thinking.  It's a thing.  Like, a REAL thing! Trust me, I know.  I haven't always been the kind of person who can get to that positive place easily.   It's not that I was a negative person.  I just wasn't an 'everything is rainbows and unicorns,' kind of girl.  Actually, I'm still not that girl.  I'll be totally honest, sometimes when the going gets tough it takes a little bit of work for me to get those positive thoughts flowing and set my mind right. I am a Capricorn, after all.  There's good news though, this way of thinking can be learned. As Buddha taught, "The mind is everything. what you think you become." Once you are aware that your thoughts can literally set the tone of your day, your week and eventually your life, you'll have a whole new way of looking at things.

One of the best ways to train your mind is to practice repeating affirmations. Before I even sit up in bed, I repeat to myself, "Today I open myself up to receive the energy of the Universe.  I rid my body and mind of dis-ease. I choose to feel love, peace and happiness."  Doing this daily is so simple and takes hardly any time at all (I'm literally still in bed and waking up!), but it makes a huge impact on my day.

When you’re repeating these affirmations, either aloud or to yourself, you are shifting energy and redirecting your mind. There is an expression that says, "Energy flows where attention goes."  This is the key to redirecting any pain, fear, anger or negative thoughts. Just as negative thoughts in your mind can put your mind and body in a state of dis-ease, the same is true of positive thoughts, but in reverse of course!  Repeating these positive thoughts will start to make you feel powerful, positive, healthy and in charge of your life. I read an article that said the part of the brain that causes stress reactions basically has the intelligence of a toddler. And we all know that you can’t stop a 2 year olds tantrum by appealing to their logic. The only way to get them to stop acting out is to distract them. Distract the mind, redirect the energy.

There was a time not too long ago when I was going through a real rough patch. My head couldn’t focus on anything but that one particular issue.  I literally could not go 2 minutes without the worry popping back up into my thoughts. I was given this affirmation by someone I respect a great deal; "Today I feel strong. Stronger than ever before. My head and my heart are clear and focused. God and the Universe are on my side and working for my benefit."   She told me to repeat it to myself whenever those worrisome negative thoughts crept into my head. No matter how crazy it seemed or how many times in a minute I would have to say it, I would say it. Over and over I would repeat those words, replacing the negative with the positive.

During this time I was also extremely drawn to and attached to my Green Aventurine bracelet. I wore it every day. Aventurine promotes a feeling of well-being and stimulates emotional recovery. This stone combined with my affirmations brought me a great deal of relief. I truly believe they helped relieve my pain. Healing takes time, but I know that my healing occurred at a much faster rate using these two natural and powerful energy shifters. I know it may sound weird to some, but I literally felt the shift in my body. 

In addition to affirmations, meditating is a great practice that can help you clear your mind and will help improve your overall focus and manage stress. I use an app called Simple Habit that has a variety of topics to meditate on – there are meditations to help with anxiety, focus your mind and increase your happiness. Some even have the option to choose a 5, 10 or 15 minute meditation, which is super helpful when I just need a quick 5 minute ‘time-out’ from the day.  There is also a reminder feature that’s pretty cool. I don’t always stop and meditate at the times I’ve scheduled though because, well, life… but I always go back and fit in my meditating whenever and wherever I can. There is a free and paid version.  I use the paid version for more variety, but the free version has some great meditations available. I’m not affiliated with them in any way, I just really love the app and have found it’s helped me so much in creating a regular practice. If you’ve been curious about meditation this is a great way to get your feet wet.

You can find numerous studies on the benefits of affirmations and meditation. For me, the proof is in how I feel when I use them. There’s a door to a more positive life right in front of you.  You may not find unicorns and rainbows on the other side, but if you take the time to open the door and practice the simple steps you might just find some peace of mind.